What a lovely train ride this morning. No, I’m serious. Sat down next to two guys who were off to Edinburgh for the day, at first I thought they were a couple but as he talked more I realised the guy (Rob) sitting next to me was possibly a “little simple” (or whatever the PC phrase is.. “no right in the heid” where I come from). He was very excited at going to Edinburgh as it was his favourite city in the whole world, he said. Better than Glasgow? I said. Well perhaps not.

Turned out that Rob and Mark, his friend, both worked together at the Mecca Bingo in Hamilton. Mark was a caller (he was the camp one of the two… I’m sure that rings a bell….) and Rob … well, Rob did a bit of everything it seems and certainly seemed to enjoy his work. As she wandered past, he corraled Julia, our ticket inspector for the morning, into the conversation by telling her that he hadn’t gotten the train for a long time and was glad that she was still working.

Rob was especially keen to see the new Parliament building as he wanted to compare it to Edinburgh Castle. When I suggested that it might be hard to compare them, seeing as they were built in different millenia, he rightly pointed out that both housed the “people with power” so why should they be different. Can’t really argue with that.

And the thing that made this journey that little bit extra special? As I stood at the station reading the Metro, I came across an article that, based on some survey or another, suggested that Scots were “dour and unfriendly”. I’m not entirely sure if it was that article that prompted my conversation with Rob and Mark, but I have a feeling it had something to do with it.

So, Rob and Mark, if you do read this, I hope you had a great day.

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