Finally thoughts turn to summer as the sunshine holds and whilst it’s still a few weeks away the holiday is already beckoning. Of course there are some priorities to sort out, namely which books to take and what music to fill the iPod with.

I’m driving down to Torquay on my own, Louise, her sister and the kids are taking the train, so I’m gonna go overnight I think. I have the iTrip working, a car charger and so just need some good driving tunes. I’m also gonna make up a “summer” playlist – suggestions welcomed.

Book wise I’m going to take some classics with me I think – Counte of Monte Cristo for example – as well as some easier to read stuff. The list so far is as follows:

  • Complete Prose – Woody Allen
  • Cloud Atlas – David Mitchell
  • Lanark – Alasdair Gray
  • Don Quixote – Cervantes
  • Count of Monte Cristo – A. Dumas
  • Labyrinths – Borges

Doubt I’ll get through them all though.

In other “news”, we’ve finally been allowed to enter the Big Blogger house, my introduction has been made and I await the first task with some trepidation.