Calling All Gurus

CSS gurus that is.

Have a gander at this page and then tell me why I can’t get the navigation (Home, Gallery, Links) to center align in that DIV?!

To break it down a little, the DIV under the banner is TOPNAV, within that is an unordered list with an id of NAVLIST. I’ve tried applying a text-align: center; to the NAVLIST and to the TOPNAV div to no avail. Totally baffled.

Maybe there’s an easier way to do it? Should I ditch the idea of using a list altogether?

Ohh and Keith, mate, have a gander as well, it’s your site that’s causing me all these hassles!!!

UPDATE: Sorted. 30 mins. That’s impressive. Of course if I’d actually applied the rules had I’d previously on another DIV that I’ve since deleted… width and auto margins.. then it’d work as expected. As ever, having someone else look at the code you’ve had your head buried in for hours is the easiest way to get these things sorted out.