Apparently I’m classed as “prolific”. Well from three separate emails I’ve received over the past couple of days that seems to be the perception. How do I manage it? You ask (well three of you did). Well I’ve given the matter some thought, examined my processes and ideas and come to one simple conclusion.

I’ve absolutely no idea.

I have a fair amount of draft posts waiting patiently in the wings to be finished off, polished up and sent out into the big wide world (web), but the reason they are sitting in draft status is because I can’t finish them. You see, despite the masses of evidence to the contrary, I do like to consider what I post and try and make a point or two but for some reason, and this problem has become more prevalent recently, I find myself trying to cover six or seven differing aspects of a topic and end up completely loosing the thread. Even something as simple as sticking to one tense or the other is sadly lacking, veering from back and forth like some inter-dimensional timelord.

Of course just writing this blog post, whilst a complete cop-out, is evidence enough that you can blog about nothing. It’s realising that nothing is a worthy topic. Errr… that doesn’t read correctly… ach, you know what I mean.

Perhaps a return to more observational blogging is required.

Hmmm, bit hard when you are sitting are your desk though.