When we bought our house we desperately wanted somewhere with a garden so we’d have somewhere to sit on those summer evenings.

Somewhere in the last three years all that changed. We did a fair amount of work on the garden in the first year, last year the weather and our social calendar conspired against us and now we are faced with HAVING to do gardening any time the weather is good.

On a weekday we get in around 6pm, and neither of us feel like doing gardening, that’s for sure. So the weekend rolls around and we drag ourselves out, and tackle yet MORE weeding (always with the weeding!!). We are not natural gardeners, we have come to discover, and the entire process just fills us with dread and we can normally come up with some reason or another to avoid doing it.

At present the weeds out-number the plants by three, or maybe even four, to one. This weekend I have the blogmeet in Edinburgh on Saturday, and if the weather holds I’ll have to garden on Sunday. And so it continues.

We can’t afford a gardener, although we HAVE discussed it, even just someone to do the weeding and cut the grass (which is less of a chore now I have a decent lawnmower), and all in all I’m royally fed up with our garden.

Don’t get me wrong, we do LIKE a nice garden but frankly the effort required is just too much considering we get NO benefit from it at all – and no a “sense of satisfaction” doesn’t count.

/moan over.