Laying the best

Parents are coming over tonight, primarily because we are selling our bikes and need to get them to the buyer and (buy-ess?) and I guess, possibly, because it’s my sisters birthday tomorrow. Guess we’d better get her a pressie..

So Thursday is an important day, not only is it the birthday of my little sister but it is the day you wander into the local school/townhall and make a mark on an important piece of paper.

Friday is… hang on, what’s this NO PLANS on Friday! That can’t be right… hmmm guess we’ll have to hit the cinema.

Saturday is my sister-in-laws birthday so we’ll be through in Dumbarton for a few drinks somewhere. Sunday is, as yet, unscheduled.

In the midst of all this I’ve got more deadlines at work this week (hopefully the last for a while), and I need to get the final push on two website designs and that feckin HaloScan Wiki which is beginning to haunt me!

Actually, for those that use HaloScan for their comments, it should be an interesting few months. The service itself has been a bit spotty recently as Jeevan codes in and tests the new features (Comment Moderation is now available for Premium members!), and the site is being redesigned, a development blog added and hopefully the level of information will improve dramatically. It’s not my site of course but I’m hoping that the “information side” of the service will be complete and released by the end of the month. Plenty to do still, and quite tricky to co-ordinate as Jeevan is in a different time zone and I only have access to certain things. He’s a good guy though and how he manages to juggle maintaining and developing HaloScan whilst completing college is both beyond me, and slightly intimidating!