Feline and Dogged

Dragged ourselves out of bed, loaded the car and were at our alloted pitch by 9.05pm.

Home again by 12noon.

Whilst the early morning started grey and patchy, by midday it was chucking it down. Fervent attempts to repack the car, shuffle things on the table and generally getting soaked whilst trying to protect our “goods” were pretty much in vain. The first cars started leaving at about 11am, we stuck it out for another hour then decided that it wasn’t really worth it.

Still we made £35 in two hours. Not to shoddy if I do say so myself. We also learned a lot from the woman in the pitch next to us who was a seasoned pro. And we’ve got plenty of stuff left to sell at the next one.

Was quite fun whilst the rain held off, we had prices in our heads but as we were approaching it as starting from zero anyway then we weren’t too bothered about haggling. It WAS good to get home though.

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