I’ve been making a conscious effort, over the past month or two, to improve the quality of what I post here both to challenge myself and in keeping with that whole “personal improvement” thing I’m always told I should strive for (I say “you can’t improve on perfection”, they say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder ya ugly muppet”). Of course I’m not trying to improve my body here, just my mind.

My body is becoming increasingly resigned to it’s fat(e).

One thing I won’t be doing is focussing on a particular topic, mainly because I’m painfully aware of my shortcomings, and I actually prefer to be a “jack of all trades” blogger. My personal interests don’t really lend themselves to a focussed blog anyway so I’d just end up fighting against my natural curiosity.

Now I seem to have attracted several new visitors recently, most of which have come back (they’ll see through me soon I’m sure) and it’s been interesting and refreshing to hear new points of view. So refreshing that, when I heard that the 9rules network was opening for new members I zipped across and signed up.

What does this mean to you, dear reader? Not a thing really. The increasing focus on longer pieces will remain (although I reserve the right to post silly/short/gross stuff from time to time – apologies to those who were effected by my scab story), and you’ll notice a few tweaks to the design here and there, possibly including the addition of adverts.

I still can’t fully make up my mind on that one, it does seem like “selling out” slightly as I always maintain that this site is a hobby, but then a large number of sites that I visit have adverts on them and they don’t bother me. Currently, I’m leaning towards including them and monitoring the stats. Yes, I think that’s the way to go, an experiment, if you will.

If I get the time (unlikely) I MAY make the initial tweaks for the May 1st CSS Reboot.

Anyway, I’m sure you’re bored of me whittering on about this site, so I’ll stop.