Being on holiday has it’s advantages. I can get up at 8.30 am, watch the penultimate episode of Huff, then ponder what to do with the rest of my day. Outside it’s murky grey and a sheen of drizzle is coating everything.

So I’ll be writing up a list of “recorded” DVDs (did I mention that I’ve now got a DVD recorder? It’s great, can record movies on Sky+ then dump them to DVD), cracking on with the HaloScan Wiki as there is a bit of a stooshy going on in the forums there (partly because I lost my rage a bit at continued sarcastic comments… yeah I know.. me getting annoyed at SOMEONE ELSE being sarcastic, who’da thunk it?), and I guess I’d better push on with the design for that other site for that new venture that I’m deliberately being cagey about to make it seem mysterious when really it isn’t.

Or I might read a book.

Or .. ?? Hmmm dunno.

In other personal news – this IS a fascinating post, isn’t it – having split open the wound on my back after I got my mole removed, the wound scabbed over. It’s been there for weeks, until this morning. It’s gone. The scab that is, not the wound. The scab was about the size of my thumbnail and quite thick, but I can’t find hide nor hair of it…

But then I did dream that I was eating sultanas last night…

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