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I missed their previous album for some reason, although I think I’ve got a copy at home but I can’t actually recall anything about it, ohh hang on. I see a trend developing already. F is for Forgettable.

Maybe that’s a bit harsh as this isn’t a bad album, trouble is, it’s not a great album either. No, it falls directly into the “good” album category and struggles to get back out, do not pass the Top 20, do not collect a 5 album deal. That’s a bit harsh too, as this is precisely the kind of album that is selling bucketloads at the moment spurred on by the success of Coldplay, Keane, and Snow Patrol.

Ahh but you see that’s harsh as well for comparing the Doves to those three would mean that I think they, the Doves, are capable of imparting a little more emotion into things than they seem able (it’s harsh on Coldplay, Keane and Snow Patrol that is). I mean, c’mon, call yourself a rock group at what point are you going to actual “RAWK”? You know, up the tempo, give us some electric guitars, drums…

And that’s my main gripe with this album, it’s close to being a very good album but at every turn it falters and falls just short. The upbeat tracks don’t ever really get all the way to being good rock tracks, the slower tracks don’t have enough emotion to carry them, and the others feel like cast-off tracks or B-Sides that are in there to make up the numbers (which they probably are).

There are some redeeming features scattered here and there – Black and White Town you’ll have heard, and … em … that other one… nope can’t remember it’s name – and at the very least it will be worth a re-listen in a few months, if only because by then I’ll have forgotten what it sounded like.

I read recently that they were trying to get permission to sample Delia’s recent footballing chant (Let’s be ‘aving ya!) and to be honest, if that is their aspiration then I can begin to understand the lack of ambition displayed by this album. By all accounts their first album was “very good”. This album seems to be lost, directionless and very much in need to a half-time pep talk from Britian’s favourite TV chef. That’s NOT a good place to be.

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