Scrob this

1 year equals
               52 weeks OR
               365 days OR
               8,765.81277 hours OR
               525,948.766 minutes OR
               31,556,926 seconds

AND (at time of writing)

               ~31,700 tracks

One year since I installed audioscrobbler and I have to admit that I’m astonished by that number. Granted I have, on occasion not regularly, left iTunes running overnight, so you can probably knock that down to around the 30,000 mark.

Ohh and that doesn’t include iPod tracks on the journey to and from work. Or music played in the car. That’s just at work and at home.

Expanding on the maths then, and presuming an average track length of 4 minutes, that’s over a quarter of last year spent listening to music. Is this a good thing? and why do I still complain that I can’t find anything decent?