So I bought an item on eBay. I won the auction four weeks ago. I still don’t have the item.

However I have exchanged several emails from the seller and he assures me that he sent it, and from what he’s said I believe him. Or am I too trusting?

It wasn’t expensive so this isn’t a financial issue (total value £4) but I’m still pondering whether or not I should do anything about it. It seems a bit churlish to give the guy a bad rating (he’s got over 500 positive ratings and NO bad ones to date) and he says that he doesn’t have any more to sell (I’ve checked the rest of his items and he doesn’t).

He didn’t offer insuranced postage so I didn’t have that option, and whilst this isn’t really his fault it’s certainly not mine and it’s irritating me.

What price morals? Is £4 worth me making a fuss or should I let it pass?


I contacted the seller one more time to say that I was considering leaving neutral feedback but that I’d make sure it was clear that it was the lack of delivery that was the problem, he responded (I’m paraphrasing):

if you can wait…. my new stock will arrive within 2-3 weeks. I will replace the item and I will go to the post and file for a claim for refund. Thank you for your patience. Hope that’s fair enough.

Which sounds fine to me. Moral dilemma solved, faith in humanity restored, earth back on axis.