Jonathan King. Guilty or not he needs to learn the meaning of the word dignity, although I doubt he’d recognise it if you filled a large bucket with it and twatted him upside the head. Twice.

On what scale do you judge musical popularity? Critical acclaim, album sales or a varied level of both? What was the last GREAT album you heard? (I’m going to start reviewing CDs here as well as the occasional movie)

TO DO: Finish draft post on “women in blogging” currently titled Chasming the Tipping Velvet (geddit).

TO DO: Finish HaloScan Wiki, getting close.

M74 extension, a good or a bad thing?

When I offered to be the book keeper for my wife’s new venture, she said: “You don’t have the figure for heads”. We spent the next ten minutes giggling like children.

WORDPRESS: Miniblog plugin?