Sticking Point

I’m stuck.

I’ve got two posts in draft that are constantly crossing over into each other’s territory, one of which is threatening to prompt me to start a new category called “Essay”. I’m trying to focus on specific aspects of some things that are currently doing the rounds across the Atlantic, and if possible kick off a UK-centric look at these issues. Trouble is, everytime I head down one path I end up cross-referencing myself into illogical loops in which you, dear reader, would be trapped for some considerable time.

So I’m returning to a tried and trusted method which comes in two parts.

Part 1: Make a list of the topics

  • The lack of women in the blogging hierarchy – from Burningbird
  • The evolution of the blogging hierarchy
  • Pros and cons of blogrolls and Top 100 lists – the popular continue to retain and garner links, which self perpetuates their popularity
  • How much of a reflection on me is my blogroll?
  • The Blog Maturity model – from Anil Dash
  • Seeking diversity in blogs (race, geography, religion, politics) – why should blogging differ from real life? Do we constantly seek out large scale diversity in real life and if so should that have a bearing on our blogging habits?
  • The Bloggies – re-enforcing the A-listers or opening the eyes to the many?
  • Matching blogging maturity to social development – forming true online communities
  • The internet is seen as lawless, is the blogging scene suffering because it’s also seen as morality-less?
  • Is the UK blogging scene behind that in the USA? SXSW suggests it might be, but as that was dominated by white males
  • And loads of other stuff that I can’t keep out of my head…

Part 2: Post it and see what develops.