*Geek post alert*

Having recently been on a bit of a “get organised” spree (the contents of my bag provides ample evidence), I’ve been slowly creating my own little software toolkit which I’m keeping on a pen drive (thumb drive, USB drive, flash drive… why don’t these things have a common name!). I use all of these applications on both my home PC and at work and can vouch that they are worth the download.

You may, or may not, find some of the following useful and as with most software YMMV:

Ohh and all of the above applications have one thing in common, they are all free (at time of writing at least).

* Recent reports suggest that Microsoft is now leading the way, but it is still recommended that you run at least two or three spyware/adware detection programs as none of them catch everything. You should keep these programs up-to-date with the latest detection packs.

P.S. If this kind of thing is of interest I’d strongly urge you to subscribe to the langalist.

P.P.S. A short list of apps designed to RUN from a USB pen drive thingy.

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