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1. OK OK OK !!! I won’t redesign. I’ll content myself with restyling instead. Difference? Re-design includes re-architecturing the layout and underlying HTML code. Re-styling only applies to the elements controlled by CSS which may include changing the position of things but is less invasive.

2. The Site Feed was broken. It was St. Patrick’s Days fault. More accurately it was the fault of “Lá Fhéile Pádraig” which is a known bug.

3. Thanks to everyone who commented on the Introspection post, a lot of great suggestions. Still not sure how I’m going to tackle the Asides but will probably head down the category route. And for those who aren’t the slightest bit interested in this kind of thing, scroll down to the next post (should’ve said that first though, shouldn’t I!).


Forget all those thanks. You lot are useless. Where were you when I needed you? Eh? EH!!!! Nowhere to be found. Abandoned I was, left to the mercies of my materialistic self. No-one shouted “STOP!” or “Remember what you said!”, no-one tried gentle persuasion, nor did they try to physically restraint me. Where were YOU?

I had no-one to try and divert my mind as it wandered easily from:

“Ohh look, Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell, I like his stuff, number9dream was good, and I’m reading GhostWritten at the moment, I’ll just nip in and see what it’s about…”


“Ohhh 3 for 2! Excellent, I wonder if there is anything else worthwhile…”

which easily lead into:

“Look, The Complete Prose by Woody Allen, that should be good!”

and left only a small leap to get to:

“Well I’ve got two so any other one is free.. ohh A Million Little Pieces has a pretty cover, that’ll do!”

Next thing I know, my card is swiped, my account is £20-odd lighter and I have three more books to add to my list.

And where, pray tell, where YOU ohh helpful reader?!!!!