Who says men can’t multi-task!

I’m currently doing some work work (the stuff I get paid for), helping out a friend with some web design, I’ve just checked over the CV of my sister, and I’ve been updating a list of tracks I want to find. These tasks are split across my home PC and my work laptop.

Mind you, this may be why I’ve just poured fresh orange into my coffee.

In other news, comic relief was pants and made me cry.

Particularly bad bits included the appearance of Alan Partridge and the Ab Fab girls.
Particularly good bits included Stephen Fry and Elton John. I think there is a lesson there.

The most effective piece of emotional manipulation was early on when they showed the story of the young boy who’d been kidnapped for slave labour, and was reunited with his parents after three months apart. Tears streaming down my face, and a worthy reminder of just how easy my life is, and how vile and horrible the human race can be.

We donated. Did you?