The weekend is looming into view, teasing and tantalising with the prospect of… well… unfortunately I’ve got work to do at some point but the REST of the weekend, ohh the rest will be filled with wonderfully stimulating and fun activities.

Rumour has it we’ll be going out to buy a scanner as a present for my father-in-law (WOOOO), we have friends up for drinks tomorrow night where we get to trawl through wedding and honeymoon photos (OHHHHH)*, and there is that newspaper thing on Sunday to “look forward to” ** (AAHHHH). I’m guessing we’ll also fit in some time to lounge about watching TV.

Yes, you don’t get much better than that! ***

However, before all that there is a crucial decision to be made, one on which the success of the entire weekend rests:

Beer or wine?

* I’m actually looking forward to Saturday night as I’ll finally get to see the video I shot for our friends on their wedding day.
** I’ll admit I’m a tad apprehensive, but bugger all I can do about it.
*** It’s Friday afternoon, this is the closest to humour I can manage. Sad, isn’t it.