Soul Stealer

A very nice man he was. Nice little sports car, bag full of impressive looking lenses.

Sit here, balance your laptop on your knees, try and pretend it’s above freezing. Do you always look this grumpy?

Click, flash, whirr. Click, flash, whirr. Click, flash, whirr.


And what did I forget? I forgot to ask him for a copy of the photos! DOH. I’ll send an email on the off chance it’s possible.

P.S. Still no sign of my mug. Found it – it’s been “borrowed” (borrowed, stolen, such a fine line…) for use by some visitors. Such is the price for having a nice presentable mug. I guess I’m now faced with no choice but to go and buy one with a picture of Jordan on it, topless, preferably (“yeah so you can get the coffee in!” … just before anyone else says it).