Mob Rage

Gosh what a nasty lot you are! I can almost picture you all, gathered on mass, banners held high, BAN HIM BAN HIM BAN HIM!!! And not once has anyone mentioned free speech. I’m so proud of you (I knew you wouldn’t let me down).

For the record I’d already pretty much decided on my course of action, but thanks to Adrian for suggesting a comment policy, I’ve created one much to my dismay.

The best line I’ve read on this issue, sorry can’t recall where, in fact I may even have made it up myself (“Blogger in original content shocker!” the headlines blare) was that “your site is not a public forum, it is a private one with millions of invited guests”.

Anyway, enough of this nonsense, there is so much more than this, but thanks for your kind words of… er… support?

More from me later, but for now may I point you in the direction of the culmination of one of the blogging events of the year – the results of Which decade is Tops for Pops?. I’ve left a similar comment on his site but I’d like to take another moment to thank mike for doing this (again). It’s been fun as ever, although I’m somewhat surprised at the outcome. I know where my votes for next year’s Bloggies are going!

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