Meme Aid: The Bloggers' Disco

That man mike is on a musical roll at the moment, and I’m LOVING this idea (I feel an MP3 compilation coming on!), and it’s all in the name of Comic Relief.

Imagine, if you will, the blogmeet to end all blogmeets. One blogosphere under a groove. A sea – nay, a veritable ocean – of “LOVE your work!” hugs, “Darling, you were ROBBED at The Bloggies!” air-kisses and “WHEN is someone going to PUBLISH you!” schmoozes, where tout le monde and their blogroll are getting royally rat-arsed on Vodka Red Bulls, and bopping around like maniacs to the sound of… WHAT, precisely?

So, which tune? Do I raid my hospital radio DJ past or go for something contemporary and über-cool? Do I risk becoming a social outcast for choosing a floor clearing track, or will plaudits be heaped on me for an inspired choice that will be THE hit of the night.

Ach, bugger it. I choose The Trammps – Disco Inferno (grab it while it’s there – limited time only! TOO LATE), Burn baby burn! – Burn that mama down!

Go on, join the fun!

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