Worked at home today, been glued to this chair for about the last 6 hours without fully realising, at least that was until I turned my head to answer the phone.


Anyway, I always end up feeling decidely cut off when I work at home. Which is why I do it, obviously, for the peace and quiet and the ability to get things done, but I do miss the interaction of the office, particularly the jokes and innuendos and conversations that would make no sense to anyone else involved.

For example, two of us recently spent several minutes of company time trying to figure out how you would make “air asterisks”. See, I told you it wouldn’t make any sense.

Time for a coffee, maybe a light dinner, and then I’ll hit the blogs. More work to do this evening, but of the fun kind – finishing a blog design.

Now, you HAVE all remembered that it’s Mothering Sunday this weekend, haven’t you? Of course that only applies to those who ‘keep’ such occasions, so you lot that moaned and bitched about St. Valentine’s can just ignore the last sentence. πŸ˜‰

And finally, for you all mashup fans out there I suggest you grab this (via). It’s a wonderful mix of Scissor Sisters, The Beatles with a little Aretha and George Michael for good measure.

Are any of you mashup fans? Got a favourite track? Let me know!