Not as hungover as I thought I might be although the Tokyo Long Island Iced Tea has certainly left a slight ‘fuzziness’ – can’t find a recipe for it, but from memory, it’s a Toyko Tea, minus the Midori, and topped up with Coke a la the Long Island Ice Tea. It was more drinkable than it sounds. Promise.

It was also my first visit to the Liquid Lounge in Glasgow. If you want a decent bar, with some very very funky music (old skool James Brown, Sly Stone and so on) then check it out. £1.80 for a Guinness isn’t too shoddy, even if it there was something decidely not quite right with it. I had to have four or five to check but still couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

Highlight of the evening was on the walk to the train station. Passing one of Glasgow’s many dark alleys it was fairly obvious that one of the ‘ladies of the night’ was ‘entertaining’ a ‘client’ (shagging a punter) as said client’s screams of ectasy were reverberating off the buildings and echoing out into the street.

So, in typical Glasgow style, someone gave him some encouragement: “Gon yerself big man!!”.


Today is website day. For once it’s nothing to do with this site, but I’ll be doing a little maintenance over at Scottish Blogs and pulling together another mockup for a site design that, hopefully, will be used by a site you all know and love. No names yet, I want to build some excitement first.

Musical accompaniment is being provided by (in random track mode): Lemon Jelly, The Futureheads, Bloc Party, and Kasabian.

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