Slowly getting around to fixing some minor things here.

The search is now a bit better (still can’t get it to return a different number of posts than are currently set to display on the main page – frankly this is ridiculuous but the forum, Wiki and Google are still failing me on this), and I’ve finally updated the Site Archives to, hopefully, be a bit more user friendly.

I’m still working my way through ALL posts without titles as it’s screwing up the archives a little (it’s a whole permalink naming mess to be honest), and I’m also categorising as I go. A slow process but one area the new version of WordPress has definitely improved. Now, when you select a month to edit, it will remember and return you to the same set of posts – in 1.2 when editing an old post it always returned you to the most recent.

Anyway, this is all probably boring as hell to everyone except me. If I DO find a way to get the search to return full results and if I get the blogroll to display who has updated, I’ll post something here.


Sky+ has a bug. The failed recordings bug seems to be quite common place and hit me hard the other night. I was recording Desperate Housewives, and was going to start watching it before it had finished (so as to skip through the adverts). However Sky+ wouldn’t start playing the recording, something I’ve not had a problem with, so I left it to record the episode. Later that night the entire box had frozen up. Wouldn’t respond from the remote or the fascia, so I powered the box down. Next morning I powered up and it seemed to be working fine.

When I got home last night I decided to watch the episode and was greeted with several FAILED messages next to previously recorded programmes and films. Rather than pay premium rate I head to the the forums and discovered that this was a common issue and was occasionally fixable by re-building the Sky+ planner. I tried that, didn’t work. It looks like I’m faced with re-formatting the entire thing, losing all the recordings I had. I’ll be phoning Sky Customer Services over the weekend and see what they have to say for themselves. Not happy!


This evening I will be partaking of some alcoholic refreshments. I’ve not been out to the pub for ages and I’m beginning to look forward to it. I just hope I can stay awake, as I spent yet another night watching the clock click past 2 a.m.

Still, I can have a lie in on Saturday as we don’t have much planned. I do have some web design stuff to do for someone, more on that tomorrow, and a few bits and bobs of general maintenance over at Scottish Blogs.