The online status of is currently changing faster than superman in a phone booth. One minute it’s up, next minute it’s down. I wouldn’t mind but I can’t get the built in “blogrolling-esque” WordPress stuff to work properly (it won’t show when I site has been updated), and considering Bloglines was down for a while yesterday I can’t even tag into that system.

So, for the next few hours, there ain’t no blogroll. Sorry.

Decided something is better than nothing – Other Blogs section now back (on the left) but doesn’t show when a site has updated.


Whilst I’m bitching, does anyone know how to STOP WordPress adding paragraph tags where it doesn’t need to? Keeps catching me out but chucking them in where they aren’t required. Will search the forums later. I’m hoping to learn a lot more about WordPress in the coming months, especially as I’ve bitten the bullet and signed up to work on their Wiki. Guess I should finish the first batch of topics on the HaloScan Wiki first though.


AND ANOTHER THING!! The search only seems to return the first 10 posts. WHY OH WHY OH WHY!

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