Preacher Preacher

The one thing that always fascinates me about other people is that their opinions can be so wrong.

Of course when I say wrong I mean ‘different from mine’ but it amounts to the same thing. I have fairly set opinions on most things, and absolutely no position on many others – either through lack of knowledge or complete apathy. I’m always willing to question and realign my position though, and I think that’s why I enjoy a bit of friendly discussion now and again.

However there is one type of person who I don’t ever bother with, the type who preach. The type who bully and shout and cajole others using peer pressure. The type who expect you to agree and when you don’t you are demonised and outcast. You know the type, you’ve all come across them, they exist in every walk of life.

Give me a reasoned argument and I may even agree that white is black and down is up, but always, ALWAYS remember that everything is a shade of grey.

Ohh and in other news, I’m still swithering over whether to watch Ms. Burchill ‘defend the chavs’ tonight on Sky One. Part of me knows it’ll be a one way diatribe and I’ll disagree, the other part of me is curious to see what arguments are put forward.

There is also a small part that hates it when I watch this kind of “car crash TV” but knows that I’ll watch it anyway.