Business Idea

I see a lot of things online that I would like to purchase. Unfortunately a lot of them (increasingly so) are in the US, and I’ll be honest and say that I’m not going to pay almost the same again for the postage of an item.

So here’s the idea – club together with other people who are getting stuff shipped over and you should all be able to save?

Potentially then, with the agreement of online stores of course, you’d purchase an item and if you wanted cheaper postage – but a longer wait for the item – you’d add it to a bulk shipping cart. When the cart reaches a certain level, the items are shipped out. I’m sure discounts could be arranged, and most of the time the internal postage cost could be factored into the price.

If anyone ever sets up something like this (CBATG) let me know. I’m my silence can be bought…

UPDATE: Can you tell I didn’t really give this much thought? Probably why I’m still the monkey and not the organ grinder.

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