Not Proven
The law is an ass. The accused was clocked doing 132mph but unfortunately it seems that the speed gun used to measure his speed was proven to be inaccurate. Not only was it used at twice the distance of the manufacturer’s stated range but the car in question was fitted with a speed limiter meaning it’s maximum top speed was only 107mph (or 112mph depending where you get your info). Now, physics isn’t my strong point, nor is maths, and I’m sure someone out there can correct this wild assumption of mine.. but.. 107mph is still 37mph OVER the speed limit, right? My assumption is that, despite being used to measure speed over a distance of 2000ft instead of 1000ft, the speed gun still indicates the accused was doing more than 70mph (I’m sure there is an equation or some way of working out the exponential loss of accuracy over distance). In other words. He was still guilty.

The upshot of this case is that everyone who has been clocked over the speed limit, by that make of speed gun, can/will now challenge the ruling/fine.

Remind me, laws…. what’s the point of them again??

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Talking to Tony Blair
Do YOU know who your elected MP is? Well seems like you don’t have to bother with them anymore. Just go straight to the top! Yes, it seems that the way to get things done is to ignore the minions beneath him and go straight to the gaffer. Doesn’t matter where, live on TV will do (in fact it’ll probably be in your benefit).

Anyway, next time someone has the opportunity, can you ask Tony why it’s always MY front garden the local kids throw their empty beer bottles into? Thanks.


No more deliveries
Non-NBA fans, skip to the next section.
Karl Malone has formally retired. No more deliveries from the man they called “The Mail Man” because he “always delivers”. Alas he’ll probably be best known for almost delivering, and had it not been for a certain Michael Jordan, he’d probably have three or four championship rings to wear on his fingers. Alongside John Stockton he proved that a big man can play ball, and I’ll never grow tired of watching re-runs of the masters of the pick and roll.


In more personal news, my sister-in-law thought her interview went quite well. It was much more informal than she thought it would be – “the woman had pink hair” – but she feels she managed to communicate her enthusiasm well enough. She should find out whether or not she has secured a place on the course on Monday coming. Fingers crossed.


I’ve just realised what it is about Google Maps that scares me.

Spotted it?

The home page map points out the areas that are the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. The scary thing is that they had to label them at all.


Question: Is it better to have these smaller “snippets” in one post, or should I split them up? I’m also toying with numbering the “Miscellany” posts, not sure why though. Hmmm.