Despite waffling on about it, I don’t have a new stereo. In fact as of last week I don’t have an old stereo either. I won’t be replacing it as I have a surround sound DVD system which happily plays CDs, MP3 CDs and accepts an input from the iPod (although at some point it’ll be an input from wireless connection to my PC upstairs) and I have radio stations galore through the Sky box, which in turn is routed through the nice meaty surround amplifier. Does the job for me.


ALL posts on the site now have friendly time and date information. You may have noticed and been non-plussed. You may be right. I may be crazy.


The archive page has been updated, still not sure I like the layout but it’s getting there. There is an issue with the older, non-titled posts and a WordPress plugin I’m using but I do intend to go through the older posts at some point so that issue should disappear.


Which reminds me. Is there an easier way to go through and edit old posts in WordPress? The WordPress Edit screen keeps leaping back to the current posts. Can’t I choose a month or a category and have it ‘stick’? I can’t be the only person that has come up against this, but Google isn’t being much help. Maybe I should Ask MSN?


Fun discussions about America financing both sides of the war on terrorism. Unfortunately I still baulk at the imagery I associate with “America sponsoring terrorism” – do they wander around with a form? And does everyone just copy the amount the first person fills in? After all you can’t be seen to be giving less, it’s just not the done thing.

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