Accidentally on purpose

Understandably, after last night’s movie, I took The Definitive Ray Charles into work with me today and have been enjoying re-listening to the songs that have been gathering dust on my CD rack for far too long.

(Night Time Is) The Right Time (a particularly memorable performance in the movie) came blasting through the headphones and I paused to ponder whether Ray wrote this track. Unsure, I reached for the CD case and took out the sleevenotes. Flicking to the back for the tracklisting I discover that it was written by Lew Herman.

I flick to the front page to see what else was in the, relatively thick, sleevenotes and starting reading. I pause when I read the following:

“His achievements beggar belief. He’s been recording for more than half a century, without ever losing sight of what he does best.”

Do you think it was intentional?