Back from outer space

Firstly thanks for the generous and kind words, they were very warmly received (I’ll won’t say anymore or I’ll get all gushy).

It almost got as far as this but I’m a great believer in “don’t let the bastards grind you down” and so from here on I’ll just ignore them instead. It’s the small things that always mount up and end up annoying me more than they should, and it’s always the few that spoil it for the others. I feel prey to that once, I’m not gonna let that happen again.

One thing I am hoping to do is focus a bit more and with that I’ll gladly accept that less is frequently more. In other words I’m gonna stop posting for the hell of it, and while that MAY mean I’ll still post everyday, it SHOULD mean that what I do post will be worthwhile. Worthwhile for me that is…

One change I am considering is expanding the miniblog. I’d like to keep this column for the ‘considered’ pieces, and use the miniblog for links and nonsense posts. However that would probably mean the blogroll moving to a separate page. Not sure, not sure. Apathy will probably dictate that nothing happens for the time being, but if anyone has an opinion feel free to share it (god knows you’ve been quick enough previously! ;-)).