Little epiphanies

Post title changed, I preferred Jann’s phrase

First up I just want to thank everyone who has commented on the whole Style Switcher debacle. I’ve been lucky over the past few years that there are people out there willing to waste their own valuable time looking at my silly little website. Whilst it probably shouldn’t, I’m still amazed. Thanks.

Secondly I just got a letter from the Co-operative Bank. We had a credit card with them (well with Smile) until last year when I cleared the balance, informed them to close the account and cut up the card.

It seems like they didn’t close the account though. Bloody typical bank eh? Well, actually, not this time. The letter I received said that whilst there were £30 worth of charges on the account, as they had been “entirely due to the charges levied in recent months” I just had to sign and return the attached form and they’d close the account and waive any charges. Colour me impressed.

Isn’t it funny how these gestures can so quickly restore your faith in humanity and society.

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