Put it off-itis

Just been checking through some old draft posts that never got published, including the following which, in light of yesterday’s post about the wonders of Sky+ and how it will change my TV viewing.. well it’s a tad… ohh what’s the word… ironic?

OK, this has a PROPER name I know. Some sort of -ology or -itis or summat. But I can’t be bothered looking it up, I’ll just put it off until later.
I’m a sufferer though, constantly starting things, finishing few. Hell even Scottish Blogs is still well short of my initial plans but hey, I accept who/what I am. Don’t get me wrong I DO finishing some things but if the opportunity to put something off presents itself then I’ll take it.
Now some people would suggest that it is down to laziness, and I can see why they would come to that conclusion. Me, I put it down to being of above average intelligence. No (stop sniggering at the back) I’m serious. I get bored easily. Very easily. Just TYPING this is boring me as my brain is already skipping ahead a few lines… look..
… and that’s why I don’t watch much TV, I find it transitory and wholly unstimulating…
Anyway, as I was saying, I get bored easily, most nights I’ll end up on the computer generally reading articles or playing with software or doing something that engages me and makes me think. I’ll happily watch some programmes but I find the majority of TV to be.. well.. dross. Even the really good stuff can bore me. I was a big fan of The Sopranos but kinda lost track after one episode which dragged and dragged, and that’s why I don’t watch much TV, I find it transitory and wholly unstimulating for the majority of the time (but maybe I’m watching the wrong things. I need TiVo!).
Now, there WAS a point to me typing all this out but, alas, I’ve forgotten it.
Or maybe I’m just putting it off.
Editors note: I’ve re-read this a couple of times and still baulk at my arrogance. Obviously, I’m far too intelligent to watch TV like the rest of the ignorant and stupid. I despair of myself sometimes. It’s no wonder I’ve so few friends.

I honestly can’t believe what nonsense I talk. Why DO you keep coming back??

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