Year: <span>2004</span>

I would like to point you over to Yeah, but is it art?. Not for the vomit related story (EVERYONE has a vomit/vehicle related story*) but for the picture of the kitchen. FANTASTIC!! The very cartoon that captured my imagination so many years ago.

* Mine was in an outdoor centre minibus, the ‘spewer’ decided to try and catch his vomit in his hands, but it came out with such velocity it merely fanned out in a fine (if lumpy) spray all over everyone else.

Enjoy your lunch.

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A forwarded MP3 (all of 250kb or so) which is quite funny.

It’s about Scottish football. A phone-in to a radio programme about Scottish football. It’s funny.

Until you really think about it. Then it’s embarassingly sad.

But still funny.

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Someone appears to have swapped my head from a balloon full of phlegm.

If you have my own head, could you give it back please?

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What? It can’t be.

It is.

But how did that happen?

Time waits for no man.

Well yes I know that but still.. are you sure about this?


But that means I need to go back to work on Monday!

That is correct.


That’s the problem about having a conversation with a calendar. It never gets the dates wrong…

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Books to read, movies to watch, CDs to hear. Don’t ya just love the first couple of days of the year. Lazing around, finishing off leftovers and sweets, indulgence and decadence.

Now is when I should start listing resolutions and stuff, right? Wrong. I’ve decided not to make any specific resolutions this year, I only end up breaking them anyway. Instead I’m going for the rather vague “better myself”. You know, read more, write more, dust off my keyboard, etc etc.

What about you? What do you resolve to do (or not do)?

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