OK, so the Christmas party was quite good. Admittedly that MAY have had something to do with the tequila. The meal was OK, the band were excellent, and I was “shakin my thang” with the best of them. Spent most of the evening dancing with lovely ladies who, thankfully, know what I’m like so I won’t need to hide my face in work on Monday morning. Unlike Susan, the tequila queen, who even managed to nick a present from under the Hilton’s Christmas tree. She was MOST miffed when she found out it was empty.

Yesterday was spent watching movies. You can tell it’s getting close to Christmas as they pull out all the old classics. The highlight, though, was a Hitchcock documentary. Today we ventured out for some grocery shopping and then headed back home to escape the madness. All in all a quiet weekend. Which is probably just as well as this time next week I’ll STILL be eating and drinking and making merry, but this time no tequila.

Speaking of next week, tomorrow I’ve got the Kings of Leon gig, Wednesday we get paid (early) so I suppose I’d better buy Louise something… and with both of us working on Christmas Eve we’ve already started planning what to wear, and packing bits and bobs in preparation. This’ll be the first Christmas with our smaller car as well, and I’m still trying to figure out how we’ll get everything in.

Anyway, I can smell some freshly baked shortbread coming out of the oven. Time for a large glass of milk!