Ex- cited hausted

So, being completely knackered after hardly any sleep the night before, I lay out on the couch to watch the footie while my darling wife pottered around “getting organised” – is this just a female thing? I rarely have the need to “get organised”, but then that’s maybe because I know where I leave things and my darling wife is… well let’s just say that she’s usually too busy to remember things like.. oh… where she left her watch.

Anyway, by about 9.30pm I was getting very tired. My eyes were heavy and it was a struggle to see the end of the game (what a strike by Papa Bioup though!) but I finally hauled my ass off the couch and headed to bed. Exhausted.

Well I WAS exhausted. Why do our brains do that to us? I spent all day struggling to stay awake, yawning, stretching, snoozing on trains, and then when I finally get to bed my brain decides to kick in. Bloody cheek it has too as I had been requesting it’s presence all day but it had been ignoring me. Maybe it was in the huff?

Anyway else experience this? I get it quite a lot, like I’m too tired to sleep. What methods do you use to get to sleep? (yes zed, I could name the dwarves, but that always leads me to the joke about Dopey and the nun)