A while back (a long while back) when I first discovered tabbed browsing, I moaned that it was affecting the way I used my PC. I have my tabs setup to close when I click on the scroll wheel of my mouse, unfortunately you can’t do the same for applications displayed in Windows taskbar.

Anyway I’ve just noticed another ‘mode of operation’ that I’ve adopted from Firefox into my general PC usage. When I’m using Firefox I usually have at least three or four tabs open at any one time. If I spot something interesting that I don’t have time to look at I’ll open a new tab for it and leave it there until I’m done with it.

This evening I’ve a few little things needing done: a couple of sites to add to Scottish Blogs, the confirmation of the Blogmeet venue to email, some photos to put onto CD, some books to look up on Amazon, and some updated addresses to be added to my contacts.

So I currently have: my HTML editor open (Homesite), two emails containing details of sites to be added to Scottish Blogs, a blank email, a list of confirmed people for the Blogmeet, Picasa (for the photos), a web browser with Amazon loaded, and my contact list. Ohh and iTunes. Of course.

Same process. So I don’t forget to do anything, I just open the application I WILL need and leave it open until I complete the task. Not sure how long I’ve been doing this for but I think it’s.. er.. interesting… in a psychological kinda way… maybe…

Anyway, what was I doing? Ohh yes, surfing for… er… pictures.

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