Early Bird

Note to self: Sure, the early train is always good to catch but haring along the platform like some deranged mutant doesn’t make a great impression. Neither does sitting for the entire journey trying to recover whilst looking like you’ve spent 30 minutes too long under a sunbed. Great start to the day, you numpty.

Now, does anyone have a spare lung? I appear to have coughed one up and can’t find it.

So yes, getting into work early on a Monday morning is a tad masochistic, but it does mean that I can take Monday at my pace for a change. This was helped by Louise getting a lift to work, meaning I had the car and could run myself to the station (yes I should have walked but come on, it IS Monday morning). Of course I hadn’t actually planned to get the early train, but just as I was stepping out of the car it started to pull into the station. Next thing I know I’m glaring down at my feet as they insist on making me run, all the while I’m trying to ensure that my stomach doesn’t suddenly decide that it actually doesn’t like this combination of a bowl of Shreddies followed by a 20 yard dash.

An added bonus is the overnight development of a phlegm factory in the back of my throat. Hmmm, too much information?

Coming later, another re-work of THAT Firefox post you are all bored to tears with and some musings on getting your haircut.

Ohh and whilst I remember, yesterday’s screening of Bridget Jones allowed me to witness a rare occurance in modern cinema. Yes, that’s right. EVERYONE stuck to the “One couple, one row” rule! You know the one. Right?

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