Damn that time sure does like to fly, doesn’t it…

Working at home today, fitting in a doctor’s appointment which was a waste of time (the appointment was made two weeks ago, when my toe was still slightly numb. Toe is fine now, I cut the nail back and the feeling has all but gone – what is the point of an appointment so far away from the symptoms?), and trying to get some serious stuff into my head. It’s the kind of work that is best done in peace and quiet, something you don’t get in our office, and I’m racing through it, but still the hands on that clock are zipping round, always two steps in front.

Anyway, we are out for dinner tonight. We are visiting our recently married friends in-laws (Don and Moyra) as I offered to help with some computer photo stuff. Moyra (the groom’s mother) is.. well.. mental but in a good way. She’s a riot. Don is pretty laidback, and reminds me of my Dad in a way, so it should be fun either way.

Ohh and at some point I’ll be re-updating that Firefox post with some more info and links – I’ll also make a permanent copy somewhere as it’s getting a tad on the long side, maybe I should split it into sections?? Anyhoo, more on that later.

Question: You have been invited to dinner by your friends in-laws, what do you take with you? Bottle of wine? Flowers? A replica of Michelangelo’s David?