The timesheet application we use at work has a web based front end. Unfortunately it only works properly in (you guessed it!) Internet Explorer. So last night, as I’d done a wee bit of work when I got home, I fired up IE and what did I find? It had been hijacked (browser hijacking is a manifest of spyware = not good).

A quick scan using Ad-Aware soon cleaned things up but it’s annoyance. Something I don’t have to put up with whilst I use Firefox.

Which brings me to mention that I’ve updated my original post about Firefox extensions. I’ve added one (Tab Clicking Options) and checked/correct all the links. Ohh and if you have come across any other “must have” extensions, please let me know.

I should also point out that there is a new version of the Opera browser now available. It has been simplified a lot, and whilst I think it’s a huge improvement over the previous versions (previous UI was clunky) I still prefer Firefox. Internet Explorer – Come in, your time is up!