Back in time

Have you heard it yet? The “new” Band Aid single, catchily titled Band Aid 20.

They’ve, seemingly, updated it, and there is one thing that stands out. No not Bono’s line, or Dizzee Rascal’s clever little “reposte”. No no, this record makes one thing very clear.

We have no pop/rock stars.

Seemingly that bloke from The Darkness also had a crack at Bono’s line and sang it much better. I doubt that, having heard his contribution to the single he should probably learn when to shut up (some people may think that lesson is long overdue). In saying that, of all the artists featured, none acquitted themselves particularly well (although I missed the opening lines so it’s possible Chris Martin from Coldplay was the exception).

Granted it might be down to the production, but I distinctly remember the original being much more powerful and rock based than this one. I can remember hearing it and instantly being able to name all the voices. Band Aid 20 seems to be pandering to too many different musical styles and so fails to hit any of them, and this isn’t helped by having a lot of the artists dueting, leaving me unsure who sang what. It’s just as well it’s for charity, it’s awful*.

It’ll still be No.1 though.

UPDATE: Seems like I’m not the only one who thinks it’s bland – you can vote for your favourite version as well.

Of course, come Christmas I’ll have heard it so often that it will be much less offensive and I’ll probably even hum along.