What a great day we had on Friday. Great company, and a wonderfully relaxed feel to everything. It all went smoothly and it was so good to see the newlywed couple laughing and smiling during their first dance. It’s been a hard year for Susan, she’s been fighting illness for the last couple of years, but Friday saw a return to the loving, laughing, spirit that I first got to know.

By the time we got home on Saturday we were both knackered, Louise especially. She was busy all day with her bridesmaid’s duties (although she’s in her element when there are things to do and people to organise), and ended up asleep in the afternoon. We woke up around 8.30ish and realised that we were supposed to be at an engagement party. We phoned in our apologies and Louise was back in bed at 10.30.

Lunch today with the newlyweds and their parents was lovely, a chance to catch up on everything that happened on Friday, and share some photos. We have the responsibility of looking after Ian’s bonsai whilst they are on honeymoon, but that won’t be as nerve-wracking as video-ing the ceremony!

Anyway, off to finish unpacking and tidying up. Back to work tomorrow and a call to the doctor’s to get an appointment as my rash hasn’t gone away yet – might get him to check out my toe as well as the weird tingly feeling has returned.

Hope your weekend was as good as mine.

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