We want Donnie!

Well it looks like monkey boy will be in power for another four years. Wonder how long it’ll take him to invade Iran?

Rash update: it seems to be fading slightly, only the ‘friction’ areas are still obvious and itchy (including the main one most of you will be using right now). The anti-hystamines seem to be doing the trick but they don’t have put my head in a spin.

Spent last night flicking between the football and listening to the director’s commentary for Donnie Darko. Kevin Smith joins the director Richard Kelly (they are old pals) and it’s one of the better ‘commentary’ items I’ve heard. They veer of to discuss other movies, influences, thematic devices in general and you also get an insight into the approach Kevin Smith takes when he’s writing his scripts. Well worth a listen even if you’re NOT a fan of movies.

I also watched one of the additional documentaries and one of the soundbites really stood out, can’t remember who said it:

“I really wish I could’ve seen this movie when I was much younger, so I could have that same moment of realisation that THIS is what cinema can do, where it can go”

Well he said something like that anyway.

I think it will remain a cult movie as it’s certainly not one everyone will enjoy. You don’t have to GET this movie to enjoy it either, in fact it seems that for a lot of people the fact that they don’t understand it fully is part of the allure. As Kevin Smith says, during the commentary, it’s a hugely annoying film, not because it’s bad, but because you are constantly asking yourself “Am I just too fucking stupid to get this?”.

So I’m waiting for the next movies by Richard Kelly, Southland Tales and Domino. If he puts half the amount of thought into those as he did Donnie Darko then I’m sure they’ll reach the same audience and more.