On Friday we will be at the wedding of a very good friend. I hope she too can enjoy all the benefits being married brings.

Although currently the only one I can think of is having someone to rub cream into those itchy bits you can’t reach.

I THINK it’s been the bubble bath I used a couple of times over the last fortnight. I rarely have a bath these days but enjoy a good long soak after playing football. I THINK that’s what it is anyway. Nothing else has changed so, unless I’ve either developed an adversion to Daz washing powder or it’s a reaction to something I’ve eaten, the bubble bath is the Prime Suspect (side question: Helen Mirren. Would you?). I do have sensitive skin so the bubble bath is the most likely, and also the most obvious change to routine in the past few months.

Anyway, thanks for the comments and advice guys and gals. Mucho appreciated.

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