I love getting presents. I love getting late presents too (I’m still waiting on pressies from my wife, although it’s Amazon’s fault).

In saying that, presents that arrive at 7.50am on a Saturday morning, aren’t THAT welcome.. initially at least. Particularly when you’ve been out for curry, several beers, and only got to sleep around 1.30am.

On the plus side it did mean that we got into Glasgow before 9am and had completed our shopping before 11. One new shirt, and two ties for me (couldn’t decide between them, decadence!) and a tiara or two for Louise. She likes wearing them whilst hoovering and dusting*. She is a true domestic goddess.

Of course rising early on a Saturday has a price, namely reducing Saturday evening to a couple of DVDs and an early bed. It did mean that I finally got to watch the ‘new’ ending to Return of the Jedi. Personally I think it works but I know a lot of purists are outraged, but really guys, get over yourself. It’s a movie!

* Not really, they are for the wedding in a fortnight’s time. She’s the bridesmaid and couldn’t decide between the two either. Just as well they were in the sale.

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