Final Score

Quick recap of Sunday.

Picked Louise up at 3.15am. Asleep by 4am. Up at 10am. Louise out all day doing ‘wedding stuff’ with Susan.

So I spent all day alternating between flicking through magazines, reading a book by this lady, watching Michael “winning CAN be boring” Schumacher in Japan (although if truth be told I had to check that he won the race as I gave up with about 10 laps to go), and watching a light drizzle outside.

All of which only made me want to have ANOTHER cup of dark milky coffee and a lightly warmed pancake drizzled with honey.

Productivity 0 Sofa Day 1

And continuing on a football theme, and whilst I hadn’t followed it during the week, curiosity got the better of me and we watched The Match tonight. Anyone else think Ally McCoist deserves a Scotland recall?