Hey, isn’t it just GREAT when you can’t get to sleep until around 5am! I mean you get so much done without sleeping.

Just as well I took my laptop home last night, as there is no way I’d have made it into the office for my usual time this morning.

In other news, we are rapidly coming to the conclusion, as the final pieces of the fireplace are painted and varnished, that the TV unit we bought last year is too big. So I guess part of the weekend will be taken up searching for a new one. Funny how these jobs are always more expensive than originally planned.

I’ve already checked the IKEA site, but the smaller version of what we currently have is still too wide. We are looking for a unit that will hold a widescreen TV, Telewest box, DVD player, Video Recorder*, and PlayStation2. I don’t mind stacking them, but ideally the unit will only have one column, and a solid back to hide all the cables.

So, if anyone has any suggestions for something that meets that criteria please let me know!

* Spotted a Mico DVD+RW Recorder, potential replacement for video recorder, for only ยฃ180 in Sainsbury’s yesterday. Sorely tempting!

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