Month: <span>September 2004</span>

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I love her dearly but I think my Mother is passing on her own aspirations. She once suggested that I should write a novel. Me! A novel!!

Well, if I’m honest, I have considered the idea and I do have a few plot outlines lying around. All of which contain, as it turns out, various aspects and plot twists that just happen to be very very similar to some films directed by one Alfred Hitchcock (OK, OK, they are identical).

Every now and then I get an idea, scribble a few pages of opening prose, add in a few notes about character development, plot movement and the like, then forget all about it. When, usually several months later, I stumble across the idea again, I re-read it, consume it, swill it around and then ponder to myself: “who the feck are you kidding?”.

It is said that everyone has at least one novel in them. I totally agree. It’s just that mine is crap and certainly nothing that is strikingly new, unusual, or different which, as everyone knows, is what maketh a novel.

In saying that, I do have a new opening line for my never to published magnum opus. As construed from a mass of silly emails today:

“Hordes of feathered gibbons, hated the world over, oh how they fantasised about the taste of the tiny orangutan tongues.”

Whaddya think? I think it has a certain ethereal quality, with nice deep dark undertones.

UPDATE: Nanowrimo anyone?

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Celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary with a meal at a Mongolian banquet.
Installed dishwasher (a present from Mum and Dad from my Dad’s retiral money).
Got very drunk three four times.
Had NO hangovers three mornings after (alas the fourth one did materialise).
Got new mobile phone. Had problems with new phone. Got new phone fixed (just about anyhoo).
Started work on the new fireplace in the living room.
Finished the Da Vinci Code, London Fields and some others… Yes I read some books.
Sent off my Tax Return.
Took some photos (!).
Started planning a camping holiday in France for next year.
Installed and played with WordPress.
And a myriad of other little things which brought me joy but don’t need reported here (long walks, time with family etc etc).

Site news: comment boxes should now be wider, and I’ll look at the left margin but it took me ages to get this layout cracked (content appears first) and I don’t wanna break anything. More random photos will be added as I start snapping with my camera phone.

And thanks for the comments. I DID have a good break thanks, and yeah it is kinda nice to be “back”. Now if I can just get the ole blogging engine fired up again we should be all set.

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My, isn’t it a lovely day. Blue skies, a light breeze… What? Ohh yes. Hello! I’m back. Almost.

That is to say I’m back here, but have not had much chance to get back there yet. I will soon though.

As ever a short break means a design tweak except this time the ENTIRE site has been done. The old “Words” become “Musings” and the “Photos” take on much more importance – there’s even a “Best of” gallery for you to chuckle over. (suggestions welcomed for a better way to MAKE the galleries as snapGallery isn’t as flexible as I’d like).

Now, there is a monster post brewing, mainly a link dump to be honest but I’ll cherry pick the best bits of the things I’ve come across over the past couple of weeks. If you are very lucky I might even tell you what I’ve been up to, it’s deadly dull though but we’ll see…

Anyway, enough about me, how are you? What have I missed?

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Maybe next week.


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