Cords or Tabs?

Note to self: Yes, your shiny, silver, optical, CORDLESS mouse is lovely and shiny and silver. However please try to remember that it is CORDLESS which means you need to place it BACK on the charging cradle at night. That way, when you come home after work and go upstairs to check your emails, the batteries in your nice shiny, silver, optical CORDLESS mouse might not be dead.

This rendering of your mouse as a paperweight MAY be excused if it were an attempt to show the futility of man’s reliance on technology. However, as it is the result of your own bone-headed forgetfulness you deserve nothing less than a slap upside the head.


P.S. Isn’t it amazing how you can get by just using the TAB key.

P.P.S. Stop talking to yourself. I’ve warned you about this before.