You can quote me

Remember when I mentioned a friend’s MBA, well he asked me to proof read his dissertation. I’ve just finished it and I’m jolly impressed. Turns out he’s quite smart after all! (you’d never tell from looking at him).

I’m kidding of course, he’s possibly one of the smartest people I know.

Anyhoo*, I did pause when I realised that he had lifted a quote from my post on the topic, then I remembered that he DID ask my permission. What a terrible memory I have.

His dissertation is fascinating, and I’ve started looking up some of the quoted authors, so if I start spouting forth about corporate culture in the coming days, you’ll know why. Best find so far is Herman Dooyeweerd (by way of G Morgan). Just the name mind, I’ve not gotten into his philosophy yet.

*I MUST stop using this word. It can’t be good for me. Or you, dear reader.
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